Wikileaks isn't All Bad

While many people pile on Wikileaks and charge them with causing deaths and so on (none of which has happened yet), it’s important to point out that exposing the actions of a rogue government is in many ways good for the people. Information is a valuable thing to have. Especially when people need to know what’s going on behind their backs.

The latest round of cable releases is a great example. We find that the Obama administration used threats and bribes to try to get nations to support the absurd Copenhagen Climate Accords (which thankfully failed as it would have been a disaster for the world economy), They also show the EU president felt the recent Cancun climate talks would also be a huge failure. Which is also good since they called for rationing in the developed world.

Wikileaks is letting the people in on what is going on behind the scenes. Considering how the so called leaders of the world have been working against the interests of the people of the world in many respects, it’s a good thing that this information is let out. As Ron Paul recently put it: “Re: Wikileaks- In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble.”

Assange answers some questions here.

UPDATE: The Wikileaks/Climategate connection

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  1. I once attended a lecture by Edward Teller – the “father” of the H bomb. He thought the government shouldn’t have any political secrets, because they are more often used to hide information from the public than they are to keep information from an enemy.

    • He would know and he was right. I concur. There are some areas where government secrets would be important, But too often it is not done for our benefit but the opposite. It is often done to protect the corrupt practices of politicians and statists

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