WPE Obama

The people or Iran are rioting. They want to be free. It’s an incredibly great opportunity for us to help overthrow the Islamo-fascists running the place. Especially since they are on the verge of getting the bomb and threatening Israel.

So Obama punts. He makes some wimpy comment about being disturbed by what’s happening.

So let’s just say it, shall we? Obama is threatening Jimmy Carter’s legacy as Worst President Ever. I now give the WPE crown to Obama.

At a time when the powers at be in Iran are afraid of the internet de-throneing them Obama doesn’t want to be seen as meddling.

He has no problem meddling with Capitalism, however.

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  1. Agreed. This is exactly how each of the communist regimes fell in Eastern Europe and the Russian border states. So why in the world would we not support them — especially since Iran still doesn’t have the bomb? At the very least, Obama should be making public statements left and right calling out the regime and demanding international observers… etc. etc. If not sending money, guns and advisors.

    But then, that might interfere with the talks that are going so well.

  2. Obama is referring to the events as an internal “debate” and suggesting we don’t get involved.
    In other words, he’s voting “present” again.

  3. This administration is having plenty to do in Iran. We don’t need any more rhetoric from the Emperor, do we? He’ll benefit the country more by playing basketball with underprivledged kids than reading off a teleprompter.

    The CIA have been well busy of meddling in Iran recently. A Pakistani general was quoted recently to have proof in documents claiming that at least $400 million was spent on destabilization, including encouraging the revolution we saw after the election results. While I’m no fan of Ahmadinejad, Mousavi doesn’t exactly have a flawless past. At least his social reform appears sound.

    Hud, I know how you detest Socialist leaders, but I think you have things a little skewed on Chavez. The guy has been demonized in the US because he fronts one of the few latin American nations who have actually put the interests of his people first instead of selling out the country’s resources to US interests. And speaking of the CIA, while now almost all of South American nations are now run by “US friendly” leaders (in most cases via CIA engineered coup and/or assassination, or with help by the US Army’s criminal ‘School of the Americas’), Chavez dodged the bullet (so to speak) in 2002 with his people behind him. Bush’s head should have rolled for that, but if we’d applied the same rules then we’d be cutting off heads all the way back until the after the first world war. We can’t have that – we’re the good guys! Roll on the Imperial Empire!

    I suggest you check out award winning journalist John Pilger’s documentary ‘A War on Democracy’.

  4. Chavez wants to shut down the one remaining TV station that’s dared criticize him. He’s shut down the others. He has fraudulent elections and wants to be dictator for life. He is nothing like the left’s propaganda of him. He is destroying his country. Who he resembles more is Juan Peron who did similar crap in Argentina in the 50s. He also “did things for the people” but was really enriching himself and his allies. Chavez also buddies up with people like Ahmadinejad and Castro. He is an enemy of teh people not the other way around. Socialism is statism. Plain and simple. It is anti-freedom. Even in Europe.

    But I agree, Obama would probably say something stupid, as he has done already, regarding Iran. Past presidents would reiterate freedom and democracy messages.

  5. I freely admit to not having followed the Chavez/Venezuela situation very closely, but…John Pilger?!?!?
    That guy is to the left of Trotsky!
    Personally, I’d go elsewhere for my research on the situation.

  6. I follow it because I really detest socialist dictators. They are the text book definition of evil. They sell nanny-stateism to the suckers who think government will take care of you, and they destroy people’s hope, freedom and futures.

    Venezuela was once one of the wealthiest nations in South America. Chavez has been destroying the economy ala Obama by socializing it. He throws bones to the poor to buy their loyalty but he is taking away freedoms and crushing dissent while cozying up to some of the worst dictators around. he also supports FLAN terrorists and is ramping up his military (why?).

  7. Toren,

    I’m very familiar with Pilger’s work and I know his concern is primarly for human rights. Like him, I support the sovereignity of nation states, but that doesn’t make me a ‘leftie’. I consider myself libertarian. Granted years ago when I first started posting here I what you guys love to label as one, but I’ve since realised what a facade the whole left vs right thing is. A distraction to the illusion of democracy.

    Further, I would never -dismiss- someone’s point of view purely because of their political persuasion. Wouldn’t instead be better to listen to all perspectives, and then make up one’s own mind? Getting all the information and asking your own questions. People have forgotten to question anymore. They just chew it down and nod passively.

    RCTV’s role in the 2002 coup is widely know, which is why their public licence was not renewed. But, they are still the most watched network in Venezuela. Wouldn’t a statist get rid of them?

    Nonetheless, speaking of crushing dissent and taking away freedoms, invading sovereign nations, spreading ‘democracy’…. do you seriously think the US are the good guys? Look at the track record. No wonder the few countries that have given them the finger are sticking together.

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