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  1. You complain that the media has been too Jacko-centric since his death, and everyday you’ve posted some negative story about him.

    Tiring, immature. hypocritical and pathetic.

    But I guess it is your blog, so if you’re happy to come across like that, keep it up.

  2. I take it you’re a fan, Jeremy? I actually like his music but I don’t like the constant BS I am hearing so I am providing a counter-point. When they stop shoving him down our throats, I will stop talking about it.

  3. GeorgeC: to add my own point of view in the hope that those stubborn of mind will consider alternative perspectives. I know discussions on here have made me look at some issues differently. Plus to stir you cunts up (someone has to).

    Hud: You’re simply adding to the bullshit. You shared you’re experience in a previous post. To keep harping on about it makes you sound bitter. But more to the point: it is irrelevant.

    Lets keep the gun pointed at the real bad guys, huh?

  4. I’m not so creeped out by the doll as much as naming a kid Blanket. There is a South Park episode about this I believe.

  5. Dave,

    Celebrities… Gotta love what they name their kids!

    They’re just asking for their kids to be bullied or made fun of at skull when they name their kids after fruits (Apple Paltrow), chimps (Koko Arquette), or fictional characters (Kal-El Cage).

    This stuff is too weird to make up.

    Even for Hollyweird!

  6. I tried to implement intense debate which works really well. But it was making too many weird mistakes so I deactivated it for now. I will see about another feature

  7. Isn’t Blanket a girl?

    With that in mind, and considering her age, the fact her doll isn’t entirely naked should be the surprising thing. Little girls her age are very much into nudity, either them or their dolls. Little girls her age are also very much into having their dolls perform sex acts on each other, or other objects around the house. Blanket, in short, is treating her doll as any other young girl her age treats her dolls. She is, in short, normal.

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