Your Government at Work

Colorado Senator Michael Bennett (D) on the Senate votes. “It’s all rigged.”

Today the Senate voted against ending ear marks. 8 Republicans defected to side with the Democrats.

There is a reason why people are losing faith in the state. Why many people are going independent. They’re finally getting it that neither party is really representing the people. The system is gamed to favor lobbyists and special interests. And the elites dictate the issues which are largely based on false premises. They’re still talking about global warming even though it has been shown to be a scam. Yet even now, they’re talking about rationing goods and food to fight climate change.

The Republicans were given a chance to prove themselves by fighting the statist policies of the DemSoc party. So far, they are showing themselves to be back to business as usual.

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  1. The report cards are a way off for the freshmen, but I think we’re learning that NONE of the GOP incumbents can be trusted. They’ll all have to be turned out to sterilize the ground for new shoots.

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