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  1. Amazing people still aren’t making the connection between the economy and President Bozo…

    Liberals and Progressives just don’t want to admit their pet theories tank economies!

    Meanwhile, on the cultural front pop culture is stressing that dissenters to our current government are treasonists, rednecks, and bigots.

    Sad to say that the writers of Captain America stories have gotten in on the act… not that’s new. I’m reading about a “climate of fear” on Newsarama from Karl Kesel and he’s not talking about people in government creating it.


  2. I wish people would not pollute comics sites with politics. I don’t mind articles about political comics, but when they turn everything into a political discussion it’s really tedious. Especially since so many of them don’t even have anything fresh to say.

  3. It’s typical for Newsarama, Hud.

    Most of the posters there are stuck in their adolescence.

    The sad thing is that I’m finding a lot of the writers and editors at DC and Marvel are apparently the same way, too.

    Even the late Jack Kirby — himself a liberal — restrained himself when he wrote Captain America and did stories to entertain.

    I can remember when Captain America was an action hero who occasionally cracked a smile.

    I don’t like what’s been done with the character since the early 1990s…

    Last time I enjoyed him consistently was during the Gruenwald run and Gruenwald did get political at times, too, but never as in your face as Englehart and nowhere near as mean-spirited and misguided as I’m seeing now, too.

    The current writers are attacking other Americans as much as diminishing to the extent that they can (with their captive audience of “collectors”) valid counterpoints.

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