10 Years of Blogging!

I started blogging in March of 2002. My first blog was on Blogger.com and I got off of there after about 7 months because it was so slow and fraught with down times. I moved to different blogging software and hosts and ended up losing a lot of content and hence traffic which is a shame because at my high point I had over 200,000 visitors a month.

Those were in the early days of the Iraq war and I was even part of the Pajamas Media Blogs when they first started. Over the years I have toned down the politics because I’m really not that partisan a person I am just tired of the lies being told out there. But I will continue to speak out about what I believe and I’m sorry if that offends some people, but I am expressing a point of view. Those who don’t respect freedom of speech are not anyone’s friend.

Those of you who have stuck with me over the years I want to thank you. And to those who are new to this blog, I’m glad you stopped by.

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