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  1. Boy, when a government department does something they sure don’t spare the bucks for promotion do they? That NASA advertisement looked like they outsourced it to PIXAR.

    And BTW, the first Mars landers were the successful Viking probes in 1976. If they could do this 35 years ago there shouldn’t be anywhere near the drama now. Jeeze.

      • The Vikings didn’t use cushions – they rocketed down directly. I would guess that the method picked by NASA for this was more cost driven than technology driven. But it wouldn’t be sexy to point that out.

        You going to be at SDCC this year?

        • It seems to me a simpler way for them to do it would be have a cover on the vehicle that gets removed by the robot after landing that would have resolved the dust cloud issue the mention as an excuse for the way it deploys. The robot should be able to unpack itself. What they did was make it extremely complex and that exponentially increases error potentials.

          Yes, I will be at San Diego. I will be found hanging out at one of several booths. I will post that info the week of the con.

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