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  1. I’m curious…  why iPad 2 model did you get?  16, 32, or 64 GB?  WiFi only or WiFi + 3G?

    I was talking to an Apple owner who had the iPad 2 and the idea of the tablet is growing on me.

    I definitely see its use as a production tool — great checklist for groceries, factories, and lots of retail — and as an advanced multimedia e-reader (books with audio and video).

    I do think, however, that DC and Marvel have to get a lot more of their backlog online. 
    I have interest in reading most of the comics published in the last twenty years.   I’m much more interested in Golden Age and Silver Age comics and specific runs and creators.

    As for the video aspect, I think the iPad may be half decent for Youtube but it’s not going to replace a dedicated desktop computer for video editing, animation, music creation, etc.  The interface and storage space isn’t up to that but obviously typists and 85% of the general public don’t need more than the iPad offers…

    I am interested in video editing as a potential career but I know I need a more up to date machine with some serious power.  I think the past year’s iMac (27″ with Thunderbolt) might be the ticket.  Heck of a lot cheaper than the Mac towers and a much better deal than their laptops!  A device like the iPad might be a good matchup with the computer I’m thinking of, too, for some things…

    •  Meant to say I have little to no interest in most of the DC’s and Marvel’s backlog for the past 20 years…

    • I went with a 16gig wifi ipad2. Which is the $400 model. I wanted to see if it was worth the hype and apple products are pretty damned expensive. But it is worth it and i will probably get a newer model with more space later in the year. But this size seems fine for now. I carry it everywhere. Its sio light and slim its no deal to cring it with me and i find it very handy. 

      As for why wifi, most people buy the wifi ipads. Service plans come with the other kind. 

      I also love reading comics on them. The colors are better. lines sharper and you can zoom in on a panel. And you can read panel by panel if you want. It will be great when they have 2 terabyte versions so people can store their collections on them. 🙂

      •  What I hear is that it’s mainly the indie companies that are spearheading comic book releases online.  Yes, DC and Marvel have done their own thing but they’re just so reluctant to dive into it because of fears that it’ll cannabilize their book collection sales!  (As if I’d want to buy any of the $^#t that passes for superhero comics today…)

        (FYI, I still like hardcover collections but am miserly about my money.  I look for the deals.  Unfortunately, that has pretty much ended my comic shop trips and I browse through upwards of 10-12 sites looking for the best deals for quality-condition books that I want.)

        Until the prices settle down to a range where more people will pay — there’s still that nasty “free” entitlement mentality the Internet generation grew up with(!) –, I still don’t see downloads coming close to physical book sales.  At least for Marvel and DC.

        Other companies WILL NOT survive without going almost completely digital I’m afraid…  I read about Slave Labor Graphics having success with some of its downloads — in particular, that Pinocchio Vampire Slayer series they’ve published.

        Where I also see the iPad makes sense is in education.  If you don’t have to pay as much for school books (yeah, right!) or at least lug them around, it’s a lot easier on kids.  I could have suffered less stress from not having to carry the heavy books I had to during both high school and college!

        For the greenies, it’s also win-win because bulletin announcements and course itineraries can be all-digital instead of printed on pulp…

        Still doesn’t make the kids better scholars, though.  Most students I’ve encountered in recent years don’t seem to have a clue on how to do research let alone write papers anymore.  They sure can text but can’t write out complete sentences, spell correctly, and use proper grammar!  When I reflect back on my own public school education — which was evidently a LOT better than many kids in my state –, I still think we got a lot less homework and writing assignments than the generations that graduated 10- and 20-years before us.  I might actually have my own extracurricular reading and personal projects to thank for being ahead of a lot of my high school classmates…

  2. I’ve attended one your panels at SDCC so I know what you look and sound like – better than what I see here. Frankly, the up angle on the camera doesn’t flatter you and your voice could be better as well. If you’re going to do a vlog you’re essentially doing a broadcast. While the Ipad may be a great computer/vue phone, it is not a video studio quality instrument. You may want to keep that in mind.


    • Thanks. I will be changing the way I do it which should look better next time. This was mostly an experiment. I do have the means to try it on a web cam on my PC also. 

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