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  1. Just got done reading the book — very fast read! — had a hard time putting it down to catch sleep last night.

    Considering the real-life Lincoln has basically become mythic, it’s not a big stretch to do historical fantasy woven around the events of his life.

    (Confession: favorite portrayal of Lincoln in contemporary film has to be Gregory Peck’s Lincoln from the TV mini-series, “The Blue and the Grey.”  Still my favorite bit of cinematic historical fiction.)

    The book was better than I think some reviewers gave it credit for being…  At least a solid B where I’m concerned.  Pinhead reviewing it for Entertainment Weekly gave it a C+ — not as if those guys were big on anything but the month’s latest trends anyhow…

    Hopefully the film lives up to at least 80% of the book.  I mean c’mon, it shouldn’t have been that hard to distill the basics of the book into a decent film!

      •  It’s mostly a personal story from Lincoln’s POV.  A bit more complicated than just good versus evil.  It takes historical events and puts a new twist on the reason WHY the Civil War had to be fought.
        But it all fits by the logic that’s set up in the book.
        I’m a Lincoln fan and have read books and seen my share of documentaries and I really didn’t have a problem with the book nor did I find it overly revisionist.  It coexists just fine with reality as far as I’m concerned.

        P.S. — It’s still fiction but does make for a plausible alternate reality…

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