Admission of the Day

Despite claims to the contrary by Democrats that Obamacare wasn’t a stepping stone to full socialized medicine, Rep. John Conyers admitted that it was. The goal of Obamacare is to bankrupt insurance carriers so people will be forced into government plans. Once the government controls your healthcare, they will dictate the level of care people can get, will go so far as dictate lifestyle choices and even deny care to people they decide they don’t want to cover, in spite of the fact that they will be forced to pay into the system regardless.

The reason our pre-Obamacare system is better is you have a choice. And government has shown time and time again that it runs everything poorly. Do you have faith in our justice system? Our education system? Is our transportation infrastructure up to snuff? Did the Energy Department make us energy independent like it was designed to? Did the trillions of dollars poured into education over the decades result in the best education system in the world? Do I really need to go on with analogies?

Socialized medicine is failing in Canada. It’s awful in Europe. A friend of mine who lives in Holland says people go to Germany for their heath care. Canadians often come here. Britain’s NHS is looking to privatize.

Our system is far from perfect, but why make it worse?

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