American Idol: Final 5

Tonight was “Rat Pack Standards Night”. Which is some of my favorite music. Oddly enough, the mentor they chose was Jamie Foxx. I thought they were crazy, even though he does know a lot about music. As it turns out, he did a great job. I didn’t think this kind of music was his bag, but he seemed to know how to coax great performances out of each idol.

Each Idol didn’t go for a high energy song, but a couple of them made the song high energy. Every singer turned in such a great performance, none of them really deserve to go home tomorrow. But someone will, obviously.

The only person who was a disappointment tonight was Simon. He was obviously trying to hurt the chances of a few people to give his favorites a chance. That was not cool. He did that last week with Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai even though they both turned in good performances. This week he seemed to want to kill the chances of Allison. The only remaining girl on stage.

First up was Kris Allen. He did one of his best performances ever. A very soulful and heartfelt version of “The Way You Look Tonight”. Jamie Foxx was so impressed with his rehearsal he said he wanted to cut an album with him. Chris Daughtry (Season 5) said “Just finished my workout and watching Idol…I think Kris Allen is the SHIZNIT-O-BAM!!!” on Twitter. The judges loved it except Simon who said it was OK, but Kris is boring. Again, I think he’s trying to handicap some singers because they are all good and Simon seems dead set on Adam winning. Kris has been really proving himself an extremely skilled performer in the last couple of weeks. He’s a contender.

Allison Iraheta came out next doing “Someone To Watch Over Me”, another slow song. She did an extremely good job with it as she always does. Simon dissed her for some reason. Again, I think he’s trying to decide who will be in the finale. But the fans may be the ones to decide that unless Simon fixes the vote now that Nigel’s gone.
It’s hard to say. But I was shocked that Anoop was voted off after such a great performance last week.

Matt sang “My Funny Valentine”, another slow song (standards don’t have to be slow people!). A tough song. He did well but the other judges were not 100% sold except Simon praised it a lot. I think he sees Matt as a weaker contender so he wants him to beat out the other two so Danny and Adam beat him can have the finale to themselves. We’ll see if that works.

Danny Gokey brought the energy and swagger, doing a very R&B version of “Come Rain or Come Shine” in a kind of raspy voice. I liked it a lot. Kara was smitten by it. Simon was also really impressed because it was his best performance. Gokey is probably the only one who could beat Adam, though I don’t think he will.

Finally, in the Pimp spot Adam Lambert. He did a very Broadway version of “Feeling Good” which is a long I love, but it has been done to death on American Idol. I like Adam but I think they are really over hyping him. He is not as amazing as they are pimping him. He is a real showboat, like a glam rocker from the 70s. They may appeal to these judges who are around my age and grew up with Bowie, Mack Bolan and Queen, but I am not sure if he’s really that original. He seems more like a throwback to that time. I prefer Kris and Danny and Allison, but I concede that Adam is really good and he seems to really rev up the audience. I just wonder if all that transparent pimping will backfire. It seems like they are stacking the deck for him big time. Still, he never turns in a bad performance.

My guesses for the bottom two: Matt and Allison. I think Allison should be in the final three but the fact is, Kris is really turning into a contender, so she probably won’t make it that far. Thanks especially to Simon.

UPDATE: Wow, what a surprise. Not only did Taylor Hicks perform a song from his new CD, but Adam was in the bottom 2! There seemed to be a strange look in Paula’s eyes after Taylor’s performance, which I thought was good. The music suited his style much more. For some reason, tough, Paula looked wary of him. It was strange. Maybe it was my imagination. Randy seemed ok, Simon looked like he was trying to be behave,. But they gave him a standing ovation, and the crowd loved him.

Anyway, what I said about the judges risking a backlash by over trying Adam seemed to come true. And because it was a final 5 week they made one of the people, Adam in this case, pick which side was the winning side. Unlike Taylor, who did the smart thing and sat down and refused to pick sides, Adam picked the side he thought were the winners. Oops! It may be a fluke, but I think they better not hype him so much, or the audience pay pick someone else as the idol this year. Not that he won’t get a CD deal anyway. I personally think either Allison or Danny deserve to be idols. Adam does too. But like they said, they all deserve to win this year but only one can.

And I have to say, Matt’s swan song was extremely good. One of the best performances of any Idol being sent home.

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  1. I missed two weeks of AI while we were in Hawaii and didn’t find out about the save and Lil and Anoop until we got home on Saturday.

    Kris has a good voice but he’s never thrilled me. Same with Matt. Danny, Allison and Adam were all fantastic. I agreed with Simon when he said Adam was a bit theatrical, but I think that’s part of his appeal. He’s never been afraid to take risks on this show.

    I think Matt will go home tonight.

  2. Kris said he doesn’t think he’s in the same class as the other singers. But I think he has shown himself to be very impressive anyway. None of these people thrill me exactly, to be honest. But they are all really good.

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