American Idol Top 11

What a great show. Probably one of the best episodes in the history of Idol. They did Motown songs and every single performer brought their A game. And this is a season where the final 11 singers are all really good. There are no Sanjaya’s or other annoyances like previous years. Everyone is solid. Which brings up the question who will get the chop tomorrow. My guess it will be one of three girls who are always in the bottom three. Haley, Naiema and maybe Thia. Thia has avoided the bottom three but she is not as flashy as some of the others. A great singer but kind of middle of the road. Haley and Naiema were at their best, but someone has to go tomorrow. It will be down to popularity.

I wasn’t crazy about last week so I didn’t even mention it. It was an OK week, but a mixed bag. Tonight’s episodes was one of the best ever, if not the best. There are so many talents on display who are ready for a career right now. Some this season are all way beyond many previous season’s talents and winners. They lucked out this year and made some very smart decisions. They did not let through any iffy talent and they use music producers to groom each singer before their performances. It really shows.

And the judges this year are all great choices. They are all music industry people with real cred. And the tone of the show is a lot better. The stage effects are fantastic. It really is one of the best entertainment shows on TV. I know people like to mock Idol but you have to give them credit for making it so much better than it ever was in its 10th year.

I can honestly say I have no idea who is likely to win this year. Unlike previous years, the competition is incredible.

UPDATE: They followed last night’s incredible show with an amazing results show. Stevie Wonder came out as a surprise for Steven Tyler to sing him happy birthday. Hulk Hogan came out to send two of the male singers who are wrestling fans to the safe couch. But the most incredible thing was my favorite singer, Casey Abrams was voted off. But the judges used their one save of the season to keep him on so the tour will have 11 this summer. Everyone was stunned that Casey, one of the most talented people in Idol history, was voted off and so soon.

Here’s the song he did last night. It wasn’t bad at all. But I think last week’s cover of Smells like Teen Spirit probably did him in because he messed with it too much.

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