American Idol Top 8

To me, the performance I loved best tonight was by Casey Abrams, for several reasons. It went against the grain, he gave it his unique spin and he was true to himself.

Scott was also good, Stefano, Lauren were also decent. But I think Paul and Jacob are getting repetitive. Even though I love Blondie and think Haley was OK, it wasn’t great. James was fun. Another one who went with what he wanted to do. But it was kind of the same as his other performances. Casey is the one artist who changes up the most and tries to be different while staying true to himself. Scotty is great at what he does, and I suspect he will be in the top 2.

My guess is Jacob, Paul and Haley in the bottom 3 tomorrow. Paul or Jacob may go,. Even though the judges praised Jacob to high heaven, he is laying it on too thick. I notice on some of the boards people are getting tired of him too. He’s a great singer but he over sings every song.

UPDATE: I was wrong about Jacob. But I picked this week’s loser. He was just not showing enough range and variety, but I am sure he will go on to some kind of success. I was glad to see Casey make it to another week. My feeling is the final three will be Scott, Casey and either Jacob or James. Lauren is also a possible for the final 3. Scott is probably the one to beat.

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