Andrew Breitbart's Questions

Andrew Breitbart has been vilified by the left for doing what they’ve been doing for decades. Questioning authority. But when it comes to the left you aren’t allowed to be contrary with them. You’re supposed to accept their propaganda, their deceit and tyrannical overreach without dissent. Which is one of the many reasons they are so unAmerican. All Andrew wanted was some very fair and reasonable things. A truthful media and an honest government. It’s what we all want. And don’t get.

But Andrew wouldn’t accept the plate that was put in front of him. He sent it back and asked that they get it right.

For that he has been attacked by the very people who don’t want us to live in a free, open society. The people who characterize average Americans as stupid and worthless and who believe we should all accept the government telling us what to think, eat and believe. Or else. The people who claim to believe in fairness and equality but who spend every waking moment trying to insure no one has it. The very wannabe elites who mock the rest of us and act like they’re the moral authority while brazenly committing crimes, mendacity and deception on a daily basis.

They tried to make Andrew look bad for exposing the corrupt organization ACORN which was involved in vast amounts of criminal fraud while receiving millions in tax dollars. They tried to make him look like a liar for telling the truth about Anthony Wiener until Wiener himself had to confess. The big sites constantly expose the lies and disinformation of the left for the simple reason that we expect those in power to be honest with us. It’s a perfectly sensible request. Certainly one that doesn’t merit the scorn and attacks it’s gotten.

Their attacks and behavior shows the world what they really are. The monsters have let their masks slip. We see the sickening, pox ridden horror that’s behind them. The “beautiful people” aren’t. The so called truth tellers are liars. The lawmakers are crooks. And none of them want their illusions shattered. But its happened and the best is yet to come.

If you can judge someone by their enemies, Andrew Breitbart showed he made all the right ones. He exposed the crooks, frauds, and creeps that have infected the body politic. What Andrew Breitbart did was shine the light of truth in those dark places that didn’t want to be illuminated. And for that his legacy as a great American is secured in history.

Andrew Breitbart was the every man who fought the system and won. Many of us will be carrying on his fight.

Join us.

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  1. His death is still settling in…  Hard to believe how this past week has been.

    BUT, on the other hand, it’s overshadowing the Arpaio newsconference with its revelations and the reports that Breitbart had film in his possession that supposedly showed you-know-who’s reportedly bad past behavior.  Something that would wake up more people.

    The fraud revelations keep snowpiliing…  Something’s going on here.

    I hope it doesn’t get derailed by BB’s passing.

      •  That’s pretty much what I’ve been hearing, too. 

        I just hope it doesn’t get lost in the snowball of B.S. that the MSM is deciding for the rest of us. 

        There is something going on here.  There is a massive fraud that’s been perpetrated one way or another.

        Before I forget again, RIP Andrew Breitbart.

        I think in years to come, more people will sing your praises and realize that you did us all a huge service.

  2. Thanks James & Val  for this beautiful and truthful piece of writing and artwork.

    I myself sense that the very unusual events around Andrew’s untimely and most unfortunate death might just be the catalyst for the rising of the phoenix from its ashes so far as America is concerned.

    You can count me in.

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