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  1. I am so indifferent towards this film and most superhero films in general.
    Lousy filmmaking is still lousy filmmaking.  The subject AND casting do not a great film make when the script and directing are bad!

    Sad to say, but these films are an indication of the decline of popular film rather than a savior and bedspring of new ideas…

    When I can’t be bothered to watch Thor and can hardly remember Captain America a year later, I don’t think that’s a good sign.


    Not any different with DC live-action, either.

    DC’s one saving grace is its animation licensing.  Thank goodness Didio, Johns, and Lee don’t have their grubby hands on WB Animation because goodness knows they’re doing such a great job with DC’s publishing division and the live-action films!

    Those Watchmen prequels they’ve got coming next year really will expand the frontiers of the company and not regurgitate a bunch of old ideas!

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