Back from the Hospital

After trying to save my leg after a three week hospital stay, the doctors did an MRI and found my bone infected. The only real course was to amputate it above the knee which is what they did on Monday. I was released on Wednesday and have been dealing with the intense pain ever since. Fortunately it gets better every day. The biggest pain I’ve had has been dealing with getting in and out of bed. For some reason that hurts the most. Once I am in my wheel chair I can manage.

Not having a right leg is hard to believe, especially since I had one up until this year. Now I have to deal with physical therapy once my leg heals if I want to walk again, which I do. I do not want to be in a wheel chair the rest of my life. I will walk again.

But for now I am dealing with healing and rest. Catching up on the TV shows I missed in the last three weeks and getting my thoughts in order so I can get back to writing. I don’t want this leg business to interfere with getting my books out. I lost a year and I don’t want to do that again.

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