Bolton Smackdown

John Bolton’s analysis of the new Bob Woodward book “Obama’s Wars” is right on the money. Watch the weasely left wing think tank drone try to spin it. That anyone would have faith in Obama at this point is pretty amazing. He has been wrong about everything. Check out the following chart of Government spending. Since the Democrats took over Congress in 2006, spending has shot straight up. Remember, Congress controls spending. Not presidents. But the combination of Obama and Pelosi has been deadly.

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  1. Bolton’s tragically short tenure as US Ambassador to the UN was a breath of fresh air. He stood up and told off all the tinpot dictators and assorted scumbags, raked the UN over the coals for their corruption, perfidy, and appalling uselessness, and just heckled and rabble-roused in general. It was wonderful. But when his recess appointment ended, he wasn’t reconfirmed–thanks, Democrats. Can’t have anyone speaking truth to power, can we?
    I love that he’s willing to be a guest on Red Eye. Long live the Mighty Mustache!

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