Buh Bye 'Bama

I live in Southern California. I drive a 45 minute commute everyday on the freeway. And I noticed something a couple months ago. Obama bumper stickers are rare. This is southern California now.
Last week I saw one the entire week! And not only that, Obama yard signs are almost non-existant in San Diego. At least pretty much every neighborhood I drive through. This may not be scientific but it does seem to be saying something. People have abandoned the prez.

IN 2008 it was hard not to see an Obama sign just about everywhere you looked. Obama bumper stickers covered a lot of cars. Now, its hard to find any. Really hard.

When people are proud to vote for someone they show it. Even here in San Diego, it seems there is little to no enthusiasm for Mr. Bengazi. More and more people are being turned off by the dishonest handling and spin of the Bengazi incident, not to mention the vicious and deceitful campaign against Romney who people now see doesn’t have horns. The more negative the Obama campaign gets the more dishonest they look.

People are really turned off by the racial nonsense. They call anyone who disagrees with them a racist. Not a great way to win friends and influence people. And with such a record of failure and trampling on people’s rights I’d say old Barry’s worn out his welcome.

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  1. This is true even in San Francisco. It’s a HUGE difference from the last election, where four out of the five houses on my street had Obama signs in their windows (not many front yards in SF). This time? None.

  2. Interesting but hardly conclusive. California is so deep blue that the Obama/union machine doesn’t have to spend a dime here and will still keep the huge number of electoral votes in the bag. Same with NY. Given the super low percentage of poll responders, 9 percent, the polls have a huge margin of error. So we’re all flying blind at this point.

  3. I’m still amazed at the number of Obama signs in my neighborhood here in the north OC. Especially among the ‘elites’ up on the hill. Perhaps about a fifth of the houses are still sporting them in their yards as if they haven’t had enough. Even more than the occasional rare Romney sign, but that I can kind of understand. The O signs are just a testament to the mental state of the Obama Zombies. My neighbors across the street are sporting a proud new Obama 2012 bumber sticker on their car and don’t even know they should be embarrassed. One thing’s for sure, if Obunghole does manage to steal the election I’ll be sporting my F*ck Obama bumper sticker on my car that I’ve held off on and have been holding onto for the last four years due to my wife’s request for the sake of the kids. If we are in any way as unfortunate as the last four years of the reign of king usurper fake ‘president’ I’m sure they won’t mind.

  4. Part of me still thinks the election is going to be stolen in some way…

    We’re getting way too many reports of voting irregularities already in Ohio, and frankly I can’t understand WHY we’re having early voting 2 months before the official! There are enough dumbies and people on the government dole that I believe there’s a good chance “O” can get the state. Enough people in state are dumb enough to take the “47%” comment out of context. Heck, I have family members that vote on single issues! (A radical or two in the family that sometimes vote singly based on the abortion issue which I think is stupid…)

    I just think we’re in for some massive vote fraud… and as usual, one side or the other will get blamed! The Republicans are already getting called on the simple demand for voters to show ID which certifies they’re actual CITIZENS of the US and have the right to vote! Just the simplest crap isn’t good enough for some people or TOO MUCH of a standard. I thought I got away from this B.S. after I moved out of Florida in 2002. I was a Florida resident during the 2000 election. I freakin’ hated it then and it annoys me now when I think too much about the state of stupidity in the country…

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