Buzzkill Dujour

So the nanny staters passed another stupid law today.

The birthplace of California’s drive-through craze has had its fill of fast food restaurants.
Amid complaints of obesity and lines of idled cars stretching into neighborhood streets, this blue-collar town is banning new drive-throughs in hopes of shedding its reputation as a haven for convenient, fatty foods.

It’s an ironic development for a community that proudly claims to have opened California’s first drive-through restaurant more than 60 years ago — a little joint named, appropriately enough, In-N-Out.

“We here in Baldwin Park have taken strides to create a healthy community, and allowing one more drive-through in is not going to meet that goal,” said Baldwin Park city planner Salvador Lopez, who helped craft the ordinance that takes effect Fourth of July weekend.

How many bureaucrats does it take to ruin a town? As many as get elected.

In-and-Out has long drive-thru lines. That’s mainly because they serve an excellent product. For some desk jockey to shut down new businesses in a deep recession, you’d have to be a moron. Oops, I guess I answered my own question.

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  1. Drive-thrus cause obesity? And here I thought eating too much caused obesity. Thank god we have such wise and knowledgeable people protecting us from roads that run too close to a restaurant–now known to the City of Baldwin Park to be the real cause of obesity!

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