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  1. This show will sink fast unless they get a regular revolving cast of customers that have some charm/charisma.
    They’d have to be all kinds — from the uber-nerds that give a F&*K about character strength levels to people who aren’t aware that comics are STILL being published 20-40 years after they collected them (!) to some of the weirdos-off-the-street and speculators who occasionally pop up.

    If everybody is like Comic Book Guy or as uncharismatic and generally nasty as Harry Knowles of AICN (there are good reasons why he doesn’t have a TV show!), the show will die.

    If the comic book shop employees are as “personable” and “engaging” as the guys at the last shop I bothered to regularly frequent, then the show WILL definitely die!

    P.S. — I don’t hate all comic shops per se…  I just don’t care for stores where everybody is in their own litttle world and basically a freakin’ Vulcan or comic trivia nerd.  I need some interaction and an occasionally friendly face.

    I stopped shopping at comic shops because the best store in town is no longer a friendly place to go to and shops have gotten too expensive to buy books from.  Also, I can get most hardcovers that I want 35-50% off online.  Trades can have even better discounts with online clearance sales!

    I really don’t buy much anymore since I can borrow a lot of more recent storylines/trades from my local library system… Generally speaking, I buy more Golden/Silver Age stuff in HC but borrow trades for more recent comics.  Like I said before, I enjoy the older stuff since it has a point and morality to it.  I hate the overpriced, nihilstic, and out-of-character comics the remaining suckers who buy superhero monthlies seem to enjoy.

    I recently discovered a few websites that host PD comics… they’re mainly from defunct publishers and from many of the companies DC absorbed but never bothered to renew copyrights for the original comics!  Lots of great Golden Age stuff there!

    • Yes,

      But there are far fewer of them than there were 20 years ago.  Something on the order of 60-70% fewer shops now. 

      Many cities that have populations of 50,000 or fewer don’t even have comic shops anymore.

      Toledo, Ohio, last time I checked had maybe two full-service comic shops left in an entire city of around 250,000-300,000 people.  Columbus, the largest city in the state (over a million people metro area) has maybe a half-dozen shops. 2, maybe 3 are decent shops.

      Again, I stopped going to comic shops for a variety of reasons.

      The fact that I save a ton of money online and don’t get employee attitude are big plusses in my book.

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