Comic Con 2012 Photos

I took some shots with my ipad at the con last weekend. Here’s a few of them. First we have Greg Horn, my former Espers and Devastator collaborator, at his booth.

Batton Lash at his booth

Here’s the best looking Wolverine I’ve seen.

Here’s me watching booth babe Savanna take on Captain Kirk outside Terry Cronin’s Skinvestigator/Students of the Unusual Booth

I had a great time this year. It was a lot fun.

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  1. What’s going on with the Comic Book Industry presence at SDCC now?
    Is it really shrinking as much as some claim?

    I had read off of one retailer who’s announced his retirement that they had fewer customers visit them this year… I don’t know if it’s the retirement/announced shut-down/sell-off of his business, or the fact that the con is very expensive for out-of-towners… ($200/day for a hotel suite? Are they FK me?)

    I can’t imagine the news at Marvel or DC is great beyond some movie stuff (Marvel) and movie/TV releases (DC). Otherwise, publishing seems to be a mess at both companies… DC editorial is NOT being honest with the 52 situation and the disgust a lot of people felt last year at the total wipeout of 70+ years of history and the alterations of the DC characters into Marvel versions.

    At any rate, the 21st century publishing is repeating all the mistakes made in the early 1990s and the collectors left are soaking it up like lemmings… Crossovers, variant covers, the Image guys recruited to revive titles and doing a lousy job of it! (what’s new?), and a sinking market in spite of all the attempts to plug the iceberg damage. a

    • Sales are up 15% this year in comics and everyone I talked to said business was booming at the con, The mood was really good.. I had a great time. Marvel and DC and Darkhorse all had nice booths., Marvel’s was basically a ad for Iron Man 3.They had all these Iron Man suits [plus the new suit on display.

      • Sales up? Really?

        This has got to be the most creatively dead time I’ve seen for Marvel or DC!

        Man, has fandom really gotten that lacksadaisical and mentally lazy that they’re accepting crap like 52 and Avengers Vs X-Men as the Second Coming?

        I really can’t figure out WHY anyone who’s been reading for over 20 years would want to pay for this stuff! (’90s fan I can kind of understand… They’re used to crap and don’t have the frame of reference or desire to seek out the earlier, better written and better drawn comics… Plus they’re used to stuff not being fun at all.)

        Gotta be speculation (gotta love all that NICE crap from the 1990s coming back! Crap really is cyclical!) and some of the movie stuff driving this… There certainly aren’t any newer fans as far as I know. From what I’ve seen locally, there are probably fewer people actually going to comic shops now…

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