Comic Creator Trading Cards

I had one of these but they didn’t show mine. The picture sucked anyway. If you’re wondering about the weird colors, they wanted to make them look like 1920s baseball cards. Eclipse published them which is why so many people in the deck had worked for Eclipse at some point.

As for why the pictures were the way they were, that’s how they were sent in by the creator’s themselves. Except for some of the older guys, they probably used images on file somewhere. Because Wally Wood and Walt Kelly were dead at that point.

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  1. Funny to see Lela's card. I never knew they did one for her.
    And they didn't do one for me even though I'd written a bunch of stuff for them at the time, including two Dirty Pair series!
    I was insulted and humiliated. (LOL)

  2. Yeah, they did one for Ken Macklin who hasn't done comics in a long while, or art for that matter. Out of curiosity I googled him and nothing comes up except stuff he did back in the 80s.

    Yet you were an important part of comics history IMO, with your involvement in manga especially.

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