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I’ll be attending Comics Fest in October 19-21. It’s a small comic con put on by some of the same people who put on the early San Diego Comic Cons. Its a much more intimate event and I have agreed to teach some of my popular writing seminars at the show.So if you are in the southern California area I hope to see you there.

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  1. My own recent experience with a smaller (anime) con —

    — I like the smaller con setting much better!

    I’ve been to larger cons but in the end the experience left me sour on both fandom and (the anime and comic) industry in general.

    Going to a much smaller venue (this being the MatsuriCon in Columbus, Ohio) was a huge revelation. You encounter far fewer negative people there, it’s much easier to (literally!) breathe (although you still encounter bad B.O.), and it’s easier to navigate in and out.

    Professional people go to these venues BECAUSE THEY WANT TO — NOT JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO for work’s sake. If it’s “just work,” they’d stick to the bigger conventions. I think that change in mentality makes for a huge difference in the feel and enjoyment at a smaller con.

    I think both fans and the pros that you encounter at smaller cons are generally in much better moods; it’s also far easier to get access to and talk with pros, too. You can be a bit more frank but people are also generally more respective/tactful with each other, too. Outside of visiting Canada, it was actually one of the more polite times for me in North America! LOL => (Seriously, I’m NOT kidding!)

    (Yeah, between the US and Canada, there’s no contest… Canadians are way more polite and generally more self-depricating. Yes, there are things that annoy me about Canada like any other place on Earth, but you can’t deny they generally have better manners and are more polite than many Americans. And yes, I have encountered RUDE Canadians but they are far less frequent than rude Americans sorry to say…)

    I STAYED longer at this con each day, and actually attended all three days in spite of expensive parking! I haven’t done that at previous cons!

    I will probably actually go back to this con next year… I can’t say about other cons.

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