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  1. The entire original series (or at least the Barnabas Collins episodes ) is getting an all-in-one release finally on DVD this year.  Should be much cheaper to just buy one big set than go for all those past individual DVDs or the serial sets.

    (This is why I stick to Star Trek:TOS and short anime series.  This 5-year, 10-year series stuff just isn’t in my blood.  My hobbies are expensive enough without feeling a need to get every Star Trek series and lousy episode of Dragonball Z…  The stuff that goes on and on falls flat well before it ends.)

    I really can’t see most people liking the new movie.  The revival of the early 1990s failed even though the original series creator/producer was involved, and I’m not sure fans of the original TV series even like the pair of films that came out in the early 1970s that much, either.

    I’ve seen relatively little of the original show…  I’ve just caught glimpses of it in reruns on PBS(?) or Sci-Fi Channel over the years.  Most fans of the original show are women.  The one fan I worked with last year was not thrilled about the Johnny Depp version and said she was sticking to getting the original shows as she found used copies of the DVDs…

    As for Burton — he’s a big miss in my opinion.  When he sticks to cute and original things, he’s fine  He’s done that maybe 3 times during his career(?).  When he tries to remake somebody else’s ideas, his films fall flat.  It just doesn’t work.  I still don’t understand how he gets that much work in Hollywood unless there’s a secret goth club amongst the executives.  Those are about the only people who see all the Burton movies!

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