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  1.  hmmmm . . .the first rib spoofs the exact same economic plan implemented by FDR with the Fair Deal that got us out of the first Depression.  I guess investing in job creation won’t work twice.  As far as the second dig goes; it’s hard to recollect a President who has had a lasting solution for Palestine.  At any rate, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.  If you permit your own political leaning to get in the way of seeing where and why  each interest has support, then you’re no where closer to understanding the situation.   Assuming that all Palestinians are terrorists goes no way towards shedding any light.; in fact assuming all Muslims were terrorists is precisely the deluded thinking that turned the US into the number one illegal kidnapper, detainer without heabeus corpus and torturer of innocent Muslim civilians on the scene.   Check HRW on the detail or better still just read what Cheney and Rumsfield readily admit to authorising. 

    • FDR’s policies drug out the depression by 6 years. And Obama’s action on Israel is due in part to the new Hamas alliance. The Palestinians have been run by terrorist organizations like the PLO. That’s why their situation is so bad, These criminals have stolen billions in aid money over the years. You need to stop reading propaganda and do some real research

      • Well Jim, I’m not going to get into a ‘my research can lick your research’ to and fro with you.  Let’s just say that I’ve been reading and tracking the political accounts in the ME since at least the mid 70’s, relying on the same news sources as you have.  As to HRW, Amnesty’s and the Red Cross’s  assessment of illegal kidnappings detentions, and ‘enhanced interrogation methods’ conducted by the US government and military under the auspices of the Cheney/Bush regime, I mean that’s a matter of public record as well as the dozen civil suits filed by victims in UK high courts agains the US government.

        I’m no big fan of Hamas, nor do I support the exercise of violence for political motive by anyone; be that violence manfiest in an exploding vest or an Israeli bomber (manufactured in the US).
        But Hamas was duly elected and you’ll recall that the UN electoral inspectors were on hand to insure the legitimacy of that election.

        So as the duly elected leadership of the Palestinians, they are entitled to a seat at the negotiating table.

        Perhaps we can all agree about one thing:  the Arab Spring uprising can only benefit the Palestinian state.  Israel has gotten away with allot of moral ambiguity in it’s foreign policy precisely because the alternatives have been so much worse; surrounded by Arab despotic states.  An Israel surrounded by self-initiated (rather than imposed), democracies is a different matter.  Isreal must being behaving like a democracy in deed not just in name.  Not permitting Palestinian companies to trade directly with the outside world is one such undemocratic rule that must be over turned in order for Isreal to be deemed a democratic country.

        As far as George C is concerned, George I registered a comment here to perhaps invite discussion with people with whom I disagree; I learn more that way.  What I’m not interested in is engaging in more personalised debate where assumptions about reliability of sources or ability to read objectively displace the topic of discussion.

        I don’t know you are, I don’t know where you went to school, what you’ve read or what your politics are.  It would be a missasumption on my part to pretend I did; please grant me the same courtesy.

        Is the BBC now considered part of the anti-semetic press?


        • Whether you acknowledge  this reality or not,


          Anti-Semitism is very fashionable in Europe.  Has been for recorded history in the area.  Yes, the anti-Israeli backlash IS a part of the anti-Seimitic increases whether people admit it or not.  There’s a lot of horrible things being freely said underneath people’s breaths that would have not been said a generation ago.  It’s getting to be very much like pre-WWII Europe again.

          And  guess where a lot of European Jews are moving?  Israel!  They sure as hell don’t feel welcome in European countries where the local authorities let gangs of Muslim youth vandalize Jewish businesses, cemeteries, and synagogues.  The Euro-governments turn a blind eye to what’s happening to one segment of the population because Jews are the old standby guys to blame…

          This is stuff I’ve heard and read from  people who USED to be fans of European socialism and thought the European culture and lifestyle was better than the US…. and they were farther left than you to begin with!  And btw, the vast majority of the people reporting this stuff were not Jews, either.

          The European governments are letting less-than-savory elements of their societies blame their failure to regulate immigration on the standby traditional scapegoats: Jews.  They let Muslims violate the same anti-hate laws used to put other people in jail who dare criticize the most obvious hateful aspects of Islam and failure of the Muslim community to control its young people and respect the traditions and laws of the countries they moved into.

          I think you’re a naive young guy who hasn’t been overseas or cared to listen to anything but what the MSM has been reporting.  Talk to people who DON’T have a vested interest in the media OR accepting government grants and tax money.  Unfortunately, the MSM is in bed with the governments because of money issues OR are government entities like the BBC is.  Anti-Semitism is alive and well in England as it is on mainland Europe.

    • Grow up, seriously…!  
      Like Jim said, DO YOUR OWN F’ing research and stop relying on the anti-Semitic sites and Marxist revisionists for your history lessons!  HRW may not be those, I grant you, but they are naive idealists who don’t live in the real world.

      The Israelis aren’t the whole reason for the peace not working in the region.

      How in the hell can you make peace when the PLO Palestinian leaders are lying to your face all the time?  They have recordings of them saying one thing to the English-speaking West and Israel and another thing in Arabic to their own people!  Hamas — why do we have to even go there…???  They’re terrorists!

      All points about what you may or may not think about Israeli leaders, they still have 100+million people surrounding them that have been enflamed by 1400 years of a supremacist-leaning religion that’s never been big on Jews regardless of what your clueless grade school teacher told you AND 60-plus years of Nazi-ripened anti-Jewish literature.  The Arab community has not had the eras of enlightenment Europe has had since the Middle Ages.  Is it any wonder that they are confounded by democracies and notions of self-determinism???

    • I’d say you got bitch-slapped here just like الرئيس أوباما got bitch-slapped by PM Netanyahu!

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