Dem Disaster

I didn’t write anything right after the election because I needed to process it all, I was certainly disappointed but it also seemed surreal. And unlike the Democrats crowing that this is the end of white people or some other sickening racist nonsense, it really wasn’t so much about white people and more about Romney. Romney was another weak candidate, like McCain. While I think Romney did better than McCain at times, like McCain he wimped out. He basically brought a knife to a gunfight. Obama brought a tank.

Obama had too many things in his favor, from the bulk of the media to all sorts of voter fraud funded by stolen and misappropriated tax dollars. Over a billion dollars were spent on this election. Don’t tell me money doesn’t buy elections. It can.

Despite what some in the press are saying about the white vote not being able to win elections, the fact is Obama carried enough white people to squeak by. There was only half a million votes to get him the crucial swing states he allegedly won, and there’s plenty of evidence of voter fraud in those states. It was close enough for there to be a question of fraud winning him the election. So it may well be that the polls were not wrong about Romney having a slight lead. He still lost.

I didn’t feel Romney was a winner way back at the beginning of the year and I was right. He did seem to do better toward the end but then he went too soft when he should have went for the kill. And as Charles Krauthammer said, Obama is the luckiest candidate in history. Hurricane Sandy probably helped him win. Even though his response has been abysmal (not according to the lapdog press). What’s important to understand is this president and his polices have been detrimental to the economy and the people have elected someone who will make their lives much, much worse. He’s like a Democrat to the Nth degree, thinking statism solves problems when its really just a method for stealing wealth from some in order to stay in power by sprinkling some of it back on his supporters. It’s really a gangster government. And the effects are horrible. Already companies are laying off thousands across the country. The press blames it on Sandy and not the president’s reelection. But just today Hostess is going out of business because of unions. And unions have been empowered by this administration in unbelievable ways.

Unions have killed off many a company. The auto business only exists because of the auto bailout which illegal gave more power to the unions over the execs in the companies. The state of California is broke, run by Democrats into the ground and headed for Michigan status. Right now, the state which was the richest in the country a decade or so ago, now leads the nation in poverty rankings. The democrats are pushing the country over the fiscal cliff which will hit us will over 1 trillion in new taxes and cut critical parts of the military as well as other government services because the Democrats STILL refuse to produce a budget after four years! They say they dont need a budget because they pushed the debt ceiling to over one trillion dollars.

This administration is anti-business (unless its in business with them!), The next four years may be worse than the last four. There are some signs of hope, we’ll just have to see. I am not one of those people who think its the end. I had a lot of reservations about Romney too. He was also a statist. We’ll just see how much the public is willing to push back against the stuff that will be coming down the pike.

Back in the 70s unions crippled cities with strikes in the US and Europe. We can see a return to that under this president and a lot of worse things besides. I hope we don’t.

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    I didn’t vote for him, but Romney really did ‘win’ the election (after stealing it from Ron Paul), but then Obama and the dems in collusion with the Associated Press and alphabet channels stole it from him. I agree with Trevor only somewhat, Obama won the ‘vote count’, but many (millions) of the votes were not even counted. Other than that distinction, I agree with him entirely.

    I will never shut up about this or the ‘birth certificate’ for that matter, even if they come to hall me off to an underground bunker somewhere under the NDAA.

  2. I think Obama is a US citizen…

    The facts about his father are a different story.
    There’s been some reports and even a documentary on this.
    Don’t expect the MSM to ever pick this story up but it really sounds credible to me.

    Look at the points about his alleged biological father and you’ll see why that story was suppressed.

    On the other hand, as much as I have questions about his past and the lack of credible documentation about his academics and credentials forthcoming(!), the more important thing is his current agenda.

    His ideological ilk and cronies have done a lot of damage to the country on multiple levels. I hope most of it can be undone… Unfortunately, as Hud said already, people will convince themselves to believe lies instead of reality when it’s not so pretty…

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