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      •  Besides, the Romney’s jokes have gotten old…

        The anointed one can expect more to follow since the Looney Left burned his teflon jacket…

        It’s gonna be harder to ignore B.O.’s shortcomings since he has no achievements in office to speak of other than increasing the misery index for most voters in the country!

      • He would if he was a child and his parents served them to him. As an adult he treated his dog very poorly.  The only reason Obama’s childhood meals are being brought up is because the right is using it to counter Romney’s actual animal abuse.
        I understand that this is is an insult based strip with no basis in reality.  You make your President into a cowardly egomaniac with a small penis and a fat hypocritical ballbreaking wife. You call women you disagree with bitches. It’s low comedy and because you never ever call the other side on their shortcomings you only cater to a far right audience while calling yourself an independent. You call yourself one thing and all of your actions contradict that. Even if your point of view was correct which it’s not, without some kind of balance you’re just hitting one note on the piano constantly and calling yourself a keyboardist. 

        • The problem with your so called analysis is its fundamentally wrong on all counts. For example…

          I don’t call women bitches. I made one joke that used that in a passing as a PUN. A play on words. (Catwoman/Bitchwoman) So what? As i keep pointing out to Captain Obvious clones like yourself, Romney ain’t elected. He’s not even in office right now. He’s not done any damage to the country yet, maybe his state. But Obama is the one making all the bad decisions. Hence, he earns the ire of those of us who don’t like his act. And there are TONS of independents and yes, lefties and democrats who share that view. I know many. It’s not an ideological position. Defending him, however, is. 

          If you disagree with me, fine. But to come  on here to try to put me down in your rather tepid way is the real laugh getter.

          If it was so bad you wouldn’t bother but it obviously sticks in your craw. So your attempt to marginalize me with your critiques only makes me amused.  

          BTW: If Romney turns out to be a disaster when he gets elected, I wont spare him either. He seems to be another statist. But I actually give people a year before I start laying into them. If you were around Compuserve comics forum when Bush 41 was president, you would have seen me laying into him. I didn’t pick on 43 because everyplace else was. I’m not a follower. I guess that’s why we aren’t on teh same page. 🙂

          • “To come on here to try to put me down in your rather tepid way is the real laugh getter.” 
            Something has to be. 

            Obama isn’t making choices in a vacuum. He can’t move ahead because he’s being kneecapped every step of the way by the Republicans who are using the filibuster in a way it was never intended. They’re abusing the system, stopping things from getting done and then complaining that nothing is getting done.  It’s shameful. 

            But you don’t comment on Obama’s actual choices or actions in your strips. You call him a coward. You call him an egotist.  You pick an extreme point of view and them have a character deliver it.  That does nothing, it’s not funny, it’s not true, it’s not satire, it’s just talking points. There’s nothing original in this. Almost all the strips (like this one) would work just as well with the other guy in the picture and that makes them pointless.  The problem is you don’t lay into the real Obama. You lay into a cartoon of Obama that you just made up out of right wing stereotypes.  

            People like you and Batton. You have a lot of good will built up. But when your MSNBC thing happen and people actually took the time to read these things it made it very difficult.  They like you and the other work you and Batton do but this work is terrible. That was what almost every comment on every board said.  “It’s awful but I don’t think they’re racist.”  It wasn’t the politics of it, the strips just miss any mark at all because your target is fake and that takes any of the humour out of it.  

            I’m not putting you down. I’m saying this strip should be put down. It’s not personal. It’s professional. This is sloppy generic mean spirited work. And if you can’t see why it’s wrong to call someone Bitchwoman and say that the President has a small penis? Oy!  

          • No, sorry. You really don’t get it. If some people don’t like it, IDC. I don’t expect everyone to get it. You obviously don’t. The comics community piled on Bush for 8 years and Sarah Palin for the last 4 and have said vastly worse things than Batton and I ever have about BO.  We made some mild puns and jokes and you keep acting like it’s an affront to humanity. Like I peed on some saint. He’s a politician. They are all fair game.  

            Calling these mild cartoons extreme is an extreme thing to say. Hell, even Ted Rall defended me. And he was pretty nice when we talked later. He didn’t give me this guilt trip. Like, what? I’m supposed to not “rock the boat”. I’m supposed to suck up to Obama like a  zOmbie? Never gonna happen.  You think I care what people think? I never have and never will. Besides, there will always be people who hate what you do if you are a artist. The Comics Journal used to put down Jack Kirby for cryin’ out loud. 

            We’re just saying something because we feel like saying it. If you dont like it, c’est la vie. I wont be coming around your site complaining iof I dont like a comic you wrote. Not unless I have constructive criticism. You offer none and don’t even see whats being done clearly. You see it through the lens of your own political views. The fact that it agitates you speaks volumes how well it works. You remember every nuance of every toon (incorrectly, but whatever). That doesn’t happen unless it effected you in some way. If you can come away from something I did and remember it and feel some emotion, I did my job. Most art fails to do that. 

            So whether you think we are committing a horrible art crime or not, your reaction only makes me proud. Batton and I are too busy to do these regularly but messages like this one only encourage me to keep doing them. 🙂
            To me, most of Obama’s choices are wrong, bad, fucking despicable and pathetic at best. HE makes things worse not better. And its obvious to anyone who doesn’t waste their time watching MSNBC. I dont see much worth defending. I agree with him once in a blue moon. I know a lot of comics people still believe in him but that’s their problem not mine. 

            I really, really, really, really, fucking really don’t like statists. Never have. Going back to when I was 8 years old and some assholes decided to make all the cartoons on TV blander so children wouldn’t be exposed to “violence”. Obama is another crypto-fascist, worse than Bush ever was. He’s only made Bush’s policies more extreme. Yet here you are defending him. Yikes. 

            But I’ll leave you with a clue here. I never was interested in following any trend. Ever. And when everyone else goes one way I head the other way. I never once in my life did something to be liked. That’s not who I am. I do things because I want to or because I believe its the right thing to do. When people like a fake, I’d rather expose the fake than be liked following the sucker’s lead. 

          • You’re listening to a song in your own head and no other music can get in. You think Obama’s choices are bad, fucking despicable and pathetic at best which is very similar to how I feel about this comic strip.  Bush was pro torture, pro wire tapping, started an illegal war, basically he got America into a huge shameful pile of shit. Obama’s trying to dig it out but the Republicans keep kicking it back into the hole. 
            You keep insulting me personally and I keep coming back to talking about the strip.  I’m saying the work is bad and you’re saying I’m a simple minded Kool-Aid drinker. I’ve felt in the past that you are better than this. But maybe I was wrong. Maybe you’re not.  On the bright side, you’ll be doing this strip for four more years, maybe that’ll give you some some practice. 

          • You keep accusing me of your own behavior. I see what the problem with Obama is., You dont. I’m not the ideologue. Obama has continued and made worse a lot of the onerous programs Bush started, yet people like yourself defend him while they blasted Bush. It’s hypocritical. The fact is Bush isn’t the president anymore so I don’t see the point in attacking him. Especially since the current president made things vastly worse. Bush’s debts were extreme, Obama’s are 5 times worse. Bush wanted to listen to terrorists conversations, Obama wants to listen to everyone’s conversations and make deals with the terrorists. Bush wanted to render suspected terrorists, Obama wants to kill anyone he defines as one. American or otherwise. I could go on. The point is, I bother to see what’s going on an comment on it and you want to attack me for bothering. Whether or not you get what I’m doing, the issue here is you feel compelled to come to my site and tell me i don’t know what I’m doing and try to tell me I should just shut up. Its really the worst thing any allegedly creative person can do. 

            You don’t even get how it comes across. Or how badly you make yourself look. You think I’m the one who looks bad. Well, i’m here to tell you, you are not doing yourself any favors. If my extremely mild cartoons offend some people that’s my (and their) problem not yours. 

          • “when he gets elected” BWAHAHAAA!!! How’s that working out for you, douchebag? BTW, your strip sucks schweaty balls.

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