End Times

So some cult thinks tomorrow will be the end of the world. Apparently the president is trying to accommodate them.

Every week it’s another outrage, another absurdity. This week he wants the majority of Israel to be handed off to the Palestinians just like that. At a time when the middle east is on fire, largely in part because of the terrible decisions he made or didn’t make while dithering around for months.

And now he’s saying he doesn’t need Congressional approval for Libya even though we’ve been there two months and counting.

We also learn that his administration has been covertly trying to get anti-gun laws through bypassing congress.

As bad as the Republican candidates look so far, I can’t help but wonder if there is a worse option than what we have now. This president doesn’t respect the constitution or our allies. He seems utterly clueless about everything. I don’t blog about him much anymore because it’s almost pointless. He’s a walking talking parody.

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