Fusion Power

60 Minutes did a segment on how Fusion power is becoming a hot topic again. I don’t know if this is true or not. Cold fusion has some serious problems, but if they found a way to make it work, it could solve all our energy problems as well as put to rest all that CO2 BS.

The problem I have with it is its a little too convenient that the story is coming out now. When you have an administration made up of green ideologues who might be willing to throw billions at this research without checking it out first.

But like I said, I hope it’s real this time.

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  1. Billions have been spent on fusion power…. It’s been worked on for over 50 years and they haven’t even reached the point of a self-sustaining reaction that produces more power than what’s put into it!

    I’m beginning to think warp drive will be developed before PRACTICAL fusion power, Hud.

    Transporting/teleportation of minute elementary particles (electrons) has already been done… We all know where that’s leading to a century or two from now, if not a matter of decades.

    This is embarassing that more is being put into alternative energy than developing more efficient versions of the sources of energy we already have in our country. We still have centuries left of coal and oil that we’re not allowed to tap into because of energy interests and the damned green lobby. More jobs could be developed with the existing resources IN OUR OWN COUNTRY AND we could stop having to deal with thugs in Latin America and the Middle East, too.

    Our government is just not being honest with us on the energy issue.

    People are also being misled on the biggest energy wasters in our country. It’s not cars — 80% of the oil is still being used by manufacturing plants and power plants when we could have transitioned to nuclear power plants for most of our energy needs. And we’d need to build far fewer nuclear plants than all these stupid proposals for wind mills and solar plants that have obvious weather-related problems and aren’t nearly as efficient as nuclear power, either.

    We know wind mills kill tons of birds because they’re too stupid to fly on them or nest in the areas of machinery that turn and grind. Solar cells have the disadvantage of being made with toxic chemicals (like just about everything else — but it’s the quantity of toxicity that’s important, not the fact the chemicals are there) that you can’t get around. They are also very expensive to replace if I’m not mistaken.

  2. The administration is deluded. Spain already tried the green job route and found every green job created loses 3 people their jobs. We have plenty of oil and coal and of they drilled for the oil we know of, it would stimulate the economies of those states. But instead Obama wants to force things on us that don’t work.

    Tide power kills marine life. Wind power kills birds. Neither are very efficient. Solar power is insanely expensive and not nearly has effective.

    Nuclear power is the answer but Obama essentially killed that by shutting down Yucca Mountain.

  3. Obama’s such a freaking idiot it’s beyond words…

    So consumed by idiotology = ideology that lacks all common sense and grounding in reality.

    If he were a REAL man not owned by so many petty parties and a REAL President who cared about the damn country and not being the friend of everybody else in the world, he’d get his head out of the dark place where it’s obviously stuck.

    Please — tell me we get zapped into a Bizarro Universe!

    It makes more sense than the crap I read every day and see on TV.

    My goodness, Romper Room was less insulting to my intelligence than the news has been after the last election!

    P.S. — Yes, I’ve been listening to a lot of Dennis Miller lately… 🙂

  4. Is Romper Room the one with the guy in the Bee Suit?

    Yeah, Obama is all on this big ego trip where he thinks just by shaking people’s hands he’s going to get everyone to go along with him. When the truth is he got nothing out of either his European or Latin American trips.

    He’s a deluded fool.

  5. His people in the White House are triumphantly announcing he’s gotten more done in his first 100 days than any president since FDR.
    The issue of whether these were good or bad things is not addressed.

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