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  1. Big cities and intrusive collectivism go together like Democrats and unions. If you want a liberty friendly future, the cities will have fewer than 50,000 people and be dispersed as much as possible. If you take a look at the voting patterns of the elections this century by county, you'll see that if the big cities (500,000 plus) disappeared, the big government left would be about as popular as small pox.

  2. That's true. I just like looking at futuristic skylines.

    But big cities are where the group is emphasized over the individual and the welfare pushers prey on the uneducated masses they create by their kleptocratic programs.

  3. Well, the design and rendering aspect is quite impressive, although most of them I would hesitate to call “beautiful”. Personally, I can't divorce the design from the effect it would have on it's human occupants, and most of those look pretty nasty to live in.

    Even worse than New York.

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