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  1. Funny.

    Just saw The People vs. George Lucas, and it got me thinking:

    There’s really no way to placate all the fans; even if Jar Jar never existed, even if there were no Trade Federation minutiae, even if the love story actually connected with the audience, people would still be, largely, unimpressed. Most likely due to CGI issues, story scope, or the fact that, as a series of prequels, we all know what ends up happening, anyway.

    On the other hand, had he done sequels instead of prequels, people would still be mad about the CGI, canon issues with the “expanded universe”, and arguments about how they’re just “not as good” as the originals.

    For that matter, as far as Indiana Jones goes, the only way to make fans happy is to have the main characters be Indy and his dad (no Shia), have them search for another religious artifact, and fight Nazis, because we know we liked that the first couple times around.

    The main problem here is that we all miss that feeling we had when we first saw these older films to begin with; on the other hand, we were also kids then.

    I’m not writing this as an apologist; personally, I really didn’t like any of the prequels for a slew of reasons, and really hated the whole “vine swinging monkeys” bit in the last Indy movie. just pointing out that, in terms of our old favorite films, music, and what have you, we can’t go home again.

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