Goodbye, Judge

Fox business channel unfortunately cancelled Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch show. And this is his last rant. Too bad, it was a great show and one of the only libertarian shows on TV. The judge understands our rights and why the government doesnt care about them and is abusing them and has been very vocal about it. I hope he lands somewhere else with another show.

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  1. From the few clips I’ve seen, it was a very good show.

    Stossel is supposedly a libertarian, too, but gets regular exposure over the weekend late Sunday night on regular Fox News.  The Judge I felt was always better at getting points across.  Stossel is sincere but doesn’t quite encapsulate points as well at times.  Stossel was ill-served by ABC where he was a loyal employee for many years.  I hope Fox doesn’t do an ABC act and abandon Napolitano.  He’s a legal voice that more people need to hear.  He has an authority about him that most legal pundits don’t have.

    Unfortunately, the news channels tend to eat people up and forget about them.  There have been a number of former Fox anchors that have been let go after contracts were up or got into trouble with management for being a bit too independent.  The control is still nowhere near as bad as the alphabet soup channels or CNN.  At least that’s what the Fox newspeople say.

    I never got Fox Business News since I’ve only had regular cable service with 50 bad channels and 3 good ones.  I just never felt that internal “push” to spend extra for 200+ more channels of garbage I’m never going to watch just for maybe 3-4 extra channels I might like.

    In fact, I gave up cable altogether last week and am making do with just the Internet and reading.  I can’t say I miss TV that much.  You can get pretty much what you need news-wise off the Internet and subscribe to NetFlix streaming or DVDs for much cheaper entertainment than what you pay for the garbage whose channel selection you have no control over.

    I haven’t subscribed to a newspaper in over 10 years now.  It’s been at least 4-5 years since I subscribed to any news magazine.  I can’t say I miss traditional media much and the way things were spoon-fed to me.

    (Both Time and Newsweek have tried to get me back as a subscriber.  Some of the subscription e-mail offers that I got from Newsweek were so partisan that it put me off.  Didn’t know whether I was getting spam from a politician I’d never vote for or give campaign money to or a magazine that’s desperate for readership!  The e-mails were bad and a prime example of taking sides “with the Man” which the media shouldn’t be about.)

    One thing, though, that’s still true about the Internet as much as any source of information.  It still takes effort to sift fact from propaganda and advertising as much as it ever did from newspapers and TV news.  It’s almost too much to sift through and a job-and-a-half to figure out your positions as much as who’s trying to sell you an angle…

    • I dont watch much TV anymore either. The Internet is so much better and you can stream a lot of good stuff or find videos on Youtube and others from shows luke Freedom Watch. I think the old model for cable is dying and we will be ordering the channels we want, on demand, in the future. 

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