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I’ve been using Chrome almost from the start as my browser. It’s been great, But when they started making it like a tablet OS for Chrome Books, they began adding apps like Apple has on its devices. They’ve added a ton of great free apps to Chrome that you can check out from the Chrome store.

This includes lots of games like Angry Birds and Bejeweled 3. Tons of great free tools as well. And Google Books and Kindle cloud reader. Both are places you can get a lot of free books to read on any device.

I’ve really been enjoying Kindle. I’m trying to decide if I want a Kindle Fire or a iPad. I am waiting for the iPad 3 to come out before I decide. I’ve been playing with the Fire in the store, like Staples, and enjoying it but I think I want a larger screen like a iPad has.

What I really like about ebooks is you can carry a whole set of books around on one light device, and pick up where you left off from any other device. I can read a book from home, and go to some other computer elsewhere and carry on reading where I stopped. I’ve been a big proponent of ereaders for many years but I’m finally getting around to really using them.

If you sign up for Amazon Prime which is free the first month, there are tons of free books for you to read including best sellers. Its great. And I downloaded a bunch of collections for $2 like the Robert E Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs collections which has a whole slew of their work.

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  1.  Comic “floppies” aren’t coming back – but perhaps comics can be saved by downloading them on comics readers ala the ipad. Full color – easy to download – you can read them on the toilet.

    I’d be interested in your take on Ipad type devices and the future of comic books. And remember, in 3-5 years something like the ipad will probably cost 100 bucks or less. 

  2. Here’s an article I wrote about it in 2009

    You’re wrong though. A company in India has made $40 tablet computers to be released this year or next. They are really low power, for poor nations. But when you consider that the Kindle is $199 now. I’d say a $100 tablet will be a reality next year, And ones under $100 will be common. Even free ones in a couple of years as the average person’s computer, replacing desktops.  

    In fact, I read that smart phones (which are handheld computers) already outnumber real computers. The computers of the past are going away for most people. And print will be a relic that only some people are into. 

  3. Thanks. Excellent article, but could use an update. I’ve downloaded the Marvel and DC apps – heck even the Archie comics app – on my ipod. What’s needed now is an app for independent comics that allows access to paypal (or charge cards) on one end and still protects the property on the other.

    Not aware of anything like that yet. 

    • Several publishers are doing this. I have a deal with Devils Due and they are supposed to be putting my stuff online shortly. They have Kindle and iPad stuff already available. I’m sure others are in that business as well.

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