Got Myself an iPad

I finally got one and love it as much as I suspected I would. I went for a ipad2 for now because I am looking to get a new car and they are $100 off. It really lives up to the hype, though. And after reading about the 3 I think I can hold off for the next one. We’ll see.

In the mean time I can now see how the sites I do look on tablets which will be the average persons computer very soon. There are already more mobile computers (including smart phones) than desktops. So as a web developer the writing is on the wall. You have to make your sites for both “mainstream” computers and mobile devices now.

I also want to use it to develop comics for digital format which as I have long predicted is where it going. Anyway, I love it!

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  1. Good call on the iPad!  I heard about the problems with the 3 version, too.  Bad battery life, high body temps ==>  116 F???  Where was Apple quality control on this POS before it got released….????  Goes to show the “most successful” company in the world can screw it up with the “best of them” including Government Motors and the Shove-it Volt!

    I think I’ll stay wait for Version 4 before I jump on this…  I’m still not convinced about the Tablet’s video capabilities and think in spite of the existence of Cloud that the charges for the memory are ridiculous…

    For what I’d like to do, a desktop is still better plus I like to use drawing tablets on occasion.  I know all about peripherals for iPads (worked in a Brookstone recently!) but I have my doubts about using tablets as production machines…

    • I find its way more useful than i even expected. For example, taking notes in business meetings. Its so superior to writing on a notebook because I can read back my own notes (sometimes I dont know what I wrote down) and it automatically saves and dates everything so I know when i wrote stuff down. When I go out to lunch I take it with me, its so light and compact its no problem. Since so many businesses have free wifi I can watch a movie on netflix or read drudge or whatever while eating lunch. The games a fun today. I got Angry Birds space which is blast. 

      Its not meant to replace your desktop. But its way more useful than you imagine. It also makes you look more professional if you have one. There are so many useful apps on here its amazing. 

      It’s basically like a media viewer and assistant and I find its a great investment. Its one of those things once you have one you wonder what you did without it. 🙂

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