Hell’s Reward Casting

Happy New Year!

I used to do new year predictions on this blog and they were usually right except for one year. I stopped doing them for now but I decided to do another kind of speculation. I noticed a lot of reviews of my novel say it would make a great movie (up to 13 five star reviews now!) So for the sake of fun I thought I would do casting for a hypothetical movie if I could pick the actors. It might give you an idea who I thought might fit which character.

A lot of these choices are in their 40s and I would probably prefer someone in their 30s, but these actors have the right qualities I was thinking of.

Drake: I don’t see Drake as particularly handsome so I would want someone more down to earth looking. I do think that Jason Statham would be good because he’s got the moves. Lately, though I have taken to actor Eddie Marsan who is extremely versatile.

Wex: Karl Urban would be great. Possibly Clive Owen.

Conor: I would like someone who is good at playing rough characters and does a good Scots or Irish accent since I was thinking of that as his regional sound in my head. So I would cast someone like Gerard Butler or Kevin McKidd. They both showed they can bring the intensity in 300 and Rome respectively. I am also a fan of Robert Carlyle, though he’s kind of short. But that could work.

Glinda: For Glinda I was thinking someone like Lily Collins. The poor girl needs a good movie role. Her last bunch of films were pretty bad but I think she would be good.

Luko: OK, to me Tom Hiddleston would be my first pick but I know there’s no way in hell he would do it. Luko is a trickster and so is Loki. I doubt he would be willing to take the role. So someone like James McAvoy or John Simm might work. He was great on Doctor Who as the Master. Ewan McGregor or David Tennant and both do comedy and a sparkling personality really well. Luko has to be able to light up a room or be a attention whore that’s funny.

Aerwyn: Aerwyn is a straight man to Luko’s comedy act. And he’s also the conscious of the two. So someone more serious and grounded. I think Orlando Bloom or Tom Mison or Luke Arnold. Also, Arthur Darvill would be good.

Mael: I would like someone who could play a regal character and also looks heroic and can be intense. Actors who spring to mind are Michael Fassbender, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Also Benedict Cumberbatch.

Reyne: She plays a bigger role in the next novel. After seeing The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug I think Evangeline Lilly would be really good. She has both a great screen presence and can do action very well. I also think Jenna Coleman would be good.

I’m sure more actors will come to mind but these are my gut instincts off the top of my head.

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