How the Electrol College Works

Democrats have recently been arguing that we should end the electoral college. That would be a bad move. It protects smaller states from the tyranny of big states over riding them. The reason they want it ended is they currently have the big coastal states largely locked up so they would be able to possibly crush red states with the populous votes in NY and California for example. But America is designed to prevent mob rule which is what a democratic system like the one some dems want would achieve. 2000 is an example where the electoral college prevented the popular vote from winning the presidency.

This video is pretty fair but there is a lot more too it. Always be leery of politicians who want to end the electoral college. Democrats, for example, use undemocratic methods to elect their candidates. Obama stole the nomination in 2008 from Hillary using the caucus system which is like a star chamber for picking candidates. Its a bad system.

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