Hudcast 12 – Howard Chaykin Interview

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Tonight I talk to Award Winning Comics legend Howard Chaykin. We discuss the industry, jazz music, commercial illustrators, digital comics and the importance of a work ethic. Howard is as always a straight shooter and it was a pleasure to talk to him.

Howard’s latest book is Black Kiss 2 on sale now from Image Comics.

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  1. Hey Hud, thanks for the interview.
    Chaykin is a hard guy to get to open up but I liked hearing what he had to say. I just searched around and saw some of his work. I never realized all the great images he has made. Thanks for letting us hear him and see what makes him tick. ~ Art and jazz I guess and not Hollywood.

    • Yeah, i edited out all the phone calls that kept interrupting us and I could kind of tell he was losing patience at the end because he wanted to work so I ended it. Would have liked to have talked more about some subjects, but I enjoyed the interview none the less.

  2. I’ve listened to several Howard Chaykin interviews on podcast and this has to be the one where he comes out worse. Almost seemed like was trying to show off or humiliate you, Mr. Hudnall, for no apparent reason. What a creep!

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