Hudcast 17: Ted Rall

Ted Rall Interview

I had the pleasure of speaking to political cartoonist Ted Rall tonight. It was a lot of fun and we surprisingly had more to say in agreement than I expected. People looking for a fight will be disappointed but it was very engaging and enlightening. Especially what he says about the media and the corruption in the press and awards world. What he says about fair weather political friends is very telling as well. It’s a good one!

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  1. Thanks. Very interesting interview. Particularly the Art Speigelman part. Some things I wished you had asked:

    1. Did he think his criticism of Speigelman was being interpreted as antisemitism?

    2. He’s had some very controversial strips. Did these, on the whole, project him higher as a known personality and therefore enhance his career or was it the reverse?

    3. He says he just wants peace and helping unemployed people. What role does he see for government in doing that?

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