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  1. Yeah, I’ve seen this documentary… It’s okay but so anti-climatic because you never actually see Steve Ditko on-screen.
    As far as I know, there are only about 3-4 photographs in existence of Steve Ditko as an adult and they were taken over 4 decades ago! There’s also perhaps one audio recording in existence. He’s intensely reclusive and treats the whole subject of bylines/created by very strangely. I find his “political treatises” to be confusing and headache-inducing…
    On the other hand, there’s no doubt in my mind that the guy is something of a genius as far as comics are concerned. He’s easily the second most important Marvel artist after Jack Kirby and created their best-known character. I’d put him in the top ten, IF NOT THE TOP FIVE, most important comic creators — at least as far as superheroes are concerned. Following up Spider-Man with Dr. Strange, key runs on The Hulk, and Iron Man isn’t such a bad record, either.
    Definitely the most important Spider-Man artist, period, and a great character developer and designer. The best Spidey villains were created by Ditko. As much as Spider-Man became even more popular during the Romita, Sr. era, Romita’s Spider-Man run didn’t have the creative wellspring Ditko’s did and he didn’t introduce as many classic characters. (It’s no coincidence that the best Spider-Man movies and animated series lean heavily on Ditko’s Spider-Man run for plots and character progression. Most of those stories have been reimagined at least a half dozen times or more since Ditko left the comic in 1966.) In fact, I think the action in many ways diminished during the Romita era and Spider-Man devolved into a romance comic at times. Ditko seemed to be better at balancing the action, drama, and relationships.

    Sad to say, Ditko’s DC and Charlton creations haven’t fared that well what with the constant revamps at DC and the cluelessness of their editorial regime. Characters with potential have been squandered (Captain Atom) and slaughtered (The original Question, the second Blue Beetle). Many of these characters have recently been put to good use in the DC animated series showing that great stories can still be told with them… It depends on the artistic staff and editorial direction which is present with the TV department but utterly lacking in DC’s publishing…

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