Is Liberalism Killing Comics?

A good article on Ricochet, but it’s really only a small part of the problem hurting comics. Price and quality has a lot to do with it as well. While there are plenty of good artists in comics, the creative direction in a lot of series is terrible. Which is why they have to keep rebooting the series over and over again, like trying to jolt a dead patient back to life again over and over with diminishing results.

The political ideology that permeates most comics is out of touch with mainstream America. To an extent that’s almost laughable at times. Like recently when a bunch of comics pros said they were doing a Occupy Comics book around the same time the Occupy movement became a flaming pariah the world over for the excessive criminality and dysfunction of the movement and its members.

The price and availability of comics is another factor hurting it. So thank goodness for digital comics and tablet computers. Cant’t get here soon enough.

But it is true that a bone headed, one sided world-view on the part of so many comics creators (accepted by the limited pool of editors we have now) leaves a bad taste in a lot of comics fans mouths which is why sales have declined so much. Its hard to get enthused when you have to pay so much for so little and its full of North Korea type propaganda from people who don’t even know what they’re talking about. Who can forget the Obama worship in so many comics a couple years back? I’m sure a lot of creators wish people would.

Maybe if creators took the trouble to have a worthwhile point of view maybe someone would care.

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  1. I don’t think Marvel has had decent editors since at least the late 1980s.  Their last decent EIC was Jim Shooter who in spite of an obnoxious personality was very competent and knew what he was doing.  Marvel’s a mess right now… good thing their zombies lap things up!

    As far as DC is concerned, they’ve never had a competent EIC and for most of the company’s history never had centralized editorial planning, period.  They tried to institute some consistent editorial direction in the 1980s with the first disastrous Crisis crossover series but the problem is you can’t make everybody happy no matter what you do.  And nobody over therehas the guts or common sense to figure out a good editorial direction and stick to it for any length of time!

    A lot of people liked their Multiverse.  A lot of people liked their Earth-2/Golden Age characters.  They also liked a lot of the history and silly shit that was thrown out when DC revamped Superman in 1986.  Didio, Johns, and Harris have only made the situation worse with their revamps (kill, kill, kill seems to be Johns’ thing — Didio is utterly clueless) and this latest imposed retcon.  I got sick of that game and am glad I bailed out…

    As far as politics are concerned….  If you basically tell me to go F&*! myself or write one of my favorite characters completely out-of-character (think Spider-Man during the awful Civil War storylines), I won’t buy your product, PERIOD.  I got pissed at both Bendis and Brubaker for some very boneheaded comments made in public and written into storylines.  Sad thing is that the majority of online comic-jerks wank off to whatever these guys say like good little sycophants…

    There creators that I respect for their past work which I enjoyed but I can’t say I respect them as people when they have no tolerance for reasonable mainstream views…  Those were guys who did comics before the 1990s.  As far as creators who came on scene AFTER the start of the ’90s, I can’t think of more than a few people who I can count on one hand who are really good at comics.  It’s such a good ol’ boy system with editors handing out books to their buddies and screenwriters that I just can’t respect a bunch of the new guys, period…..  Most of these guys are awful writers!

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