Japanese Healthcare: Our Future?

The pimps, pushers and congressional prostitutes who rammed Obamacare down our throats saw that talking about England and Canada wasn’t working, so in the last few weeks before the bill vote they started talking about how wonderful Japan’s socialized healthcare system is. They did that because few Americans know how screwed up it is, unlike England and Canada who have and English speaking media. Well, I’m here to educate you in the realities of it. I know several people who had to use the Japanese system to horrible results. That could be our future if we don’t repeal this nightmare.

Here is an article worth your time. Make sure you read the comments.

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  1. I’ve talked to people here in San Francisco who didn’t know the projected cost for a family of four will be around $6,000 a year (my neighbor thought it was $720 and refused to believe me). And there is a deductible equal to the insurance payment. In other words, you pay $6000, then have to spend another $6000 before the benevolent government begins paying anything. And of course few of these people know they won’t be getting much of anything for three or four years, while they’ll be paying the $6000 starting in tax year 2010.
    Some folks think it covers dental. Some expect their wages to increase by the same amount their company will save in insurance costs. In a recession? Good luck with that.
    And one person I met yesterday said her brother dropped his current insurance on Monday after the bill passed.
    My spider-sense detects ugliness ahead as the peasants began to realize that while they were sold “business as usual for free” something else is arriving in the mail.

  2. A correction and a clarification. The amount is $5260. And my writing above was unclear. A family will have to pay the $5260 in taxes, then pay an additional $5260 in out of pocket expenses, then the government insurance will take over and pay a portion of any expenses above that.
    (At least this is the situation as it is understood at this point. No one has completely examined the bill, and no one knows what will be added or taken out before it is finalized. Any or all of the above may turn out to be wrong, but this is what is being admitted to right now.)

  3. James, the Japanese system is really exactly where the U.S. is heading.

    A while back, an enlightened WaPo reporter did a bit on this. Insurance companies there aren’t allowed to profit OR compete. It’s compulsory for everyone. The Japanese over-consume health care at a rate four times that of the U.S. And the system has helped to drive their public Debt-to-GDP ratio to almost 200% – second only to Zimbabwe.

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