Lady Gaga is a Bitch

After Weird Al decided to write a parody of Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way”, he asked her consent to do it as a courtesy. She made him record a version she could listen to before she gave him an answer and then she said no. Read the whole story on Weird Al’s blog.

Al doesn’t need her permission to release it but he won’t out of respect, but it’s holding up his new CD. Fortunately, he decided to put it on the internet.

UPDATE: Now Lady Gaga has approved it, saying her manager never sent her the song and was the one who disapproved it. Weird Al is happy, free press for his CD and song.

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  1. …. AND if you believe what Gaga’s reps say for one minute, you are an idiot!

    Despite his name, Al’s actually a stand-up guy and I’ve watched his career for years as he’s skewered everybody. He’s been honest about that for as long as I can remember. The only people who have ever gotten hot under the collar are those without a sense of humor. The public record speaks for itself and does not lie where Al is concerned.

    Gaga is more of the same, self-important, self-indulgent and do-as-I-say-or-you’re-a-retard mentally-challenged performer that’s been around since Madonna.

    Nothing new to see there, folks. Same old trainwreck that’s been littering the pop scene for over 30 years now! Same old stupid group of people and their ilk who made Madonna’s fortune are doing the same for Gaga.

      • The thing is I don’t want to even listen to her!

        She looks AND sounds like she’s drugged up over half the time! Beyond the bizarreness which gets old quickly she’s ugly to look at on multiple levels. This is the epitome of the trash-chic culure that’s circulated since the late 1960s and a big part of the reason I despise both the MSM and pop culture at the moment. Why celebrate such ugliness and manipulation of media????

        (Looking at this young girl — I refuse to call her by that childish name designed to give her pathetic existence more attention –, and you see a lot of damage. You could psycho-analyze the little jerk and see she’s damaged goods within 10 seconds easy. I won’t let her off easy because she’s leading a lot of young ‘uns astray…. You’d think more parents would know better but they’re letting garbage raise their kids. This is not a story with a happy ending.)

        I’ve read her remarks — — and she talks like over half the celebrities out there…! Dimwitted, out-of-touch, and appealing to the most vapid and clingy people you can imagine.

        No wonder many Madonna fans cling to the idiot.

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