When I was in high school I took two years of German. The german teacher was also the soccer coach. To pay for equipment the team needed, the school allowed him to run a small store in the school that sold Bagels and Landjägers. It was my first exposure to either.

What is a Landjäger? It’s a cured sausage from Bavaria that hunters would take on a trip with them. I love them. They are juicier than jerky and meatier. They have garlic and fennel seed in them. But they are not easy to find unless you know a German products store. Well, thanks to the internet you can buy them from Amazon. I just got a pack and they brought back a lot of memories. This company in Wisconsin makes excellent Landjäger. If you like meat snacks, you gotta try them.

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      • They’re not the most web-savvy bunch, but the sausage is out of this world. You have to call the retail store, and place the orders by phone.

        This is a family-run operation that sells mostly to butchers, restaurants, and supermarkets throughout the PNW. Great stuff, and one of Seattle’s best kept secrets.

        • I ordered from them yesterday. It was a lot cheaper. Thanks. I will see how they are later in the week. 

          The Wisconsin Made ones were very good. But the price was a lot higher.

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