Man of Steel is Awesome

Man of Steel was amazing. It was the first Supermen film to live up to the characters potenial. I really hated Superman II when it came out for a number of reasons, and watching this showed how a battle between Kryptonians should look. Not only was the Krypton scenes as epic as they always should be, Michael Shannon was a great General Zod. As much as I love Terrance Stamp his Zod was cheesy.

The critics who are dissing this film don’t seem to like that this is a post-911 Superman, but its also more realistic and believable. If a being that powerful showed up the government wouldn’t just accept him on face value.

The cast was uniformly good. Love Amy Adams as Lois Lane. She was perfect. And Henry Cavill is the best Superman yet.

The theater was packed on Friday so I went this morning at 9:30 AM and there was a line even then. It’ll be a bi;;ion dollar film for sure. And they showed the great new Hobbit trailer which looks fantastic on the big screen.

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