MSNBC Pillories Obama

Pigs are taking wing, glaciers are building up in hell. Even Olberman and Matthews are ripping Barry a new one. Hilarious.

FOX was a lot kinder to Obama, but even O’Reilly, who has been more than generous to Obama since he interviewed him, called the speech stupid. What did I think? It was one lie piled on another falsehood and empty promise. Can’t wait to dialog the comic I have planned for Sunday. 🙂

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  1. I suppose it's possible that the Democrats will throw Obama under the bus and campaign against him come November. At this point, with the oil spill, the war and Gitmo the far left must be pretty annoyed as well.

  2. They did that to Jimmy Carter. Ted Kennedy even ran against him for the nomination in 1980. I suspect someone will come behind to run against him, even Hillary., Watch her break away soon as a sign.

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