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    • That’s amazed me, too, Nick.

      I guess a socialist country CAN still produce someone who can think for himself and see the B.S. governments deal out…

      Hope he’s doing okay career-wise.  

      In entertainment, this is NOT a time to be a big loud conservative let alone a “loony” libertarian.

      There’s increasing evidence from the fall in ticket sales and home video that more of us are rejecting the swill being fed to us from La-La Land.

      The anti-war films and pro-big government stuff sure hasn’t been burning up sales charts anywhere…

  1. You know your government has become an authoritarian police state when it takes control of things because they “might someday” be broken. An analysis that gives them the excuse to control everything and anything. Or as one A-hole former congress thing said, “The Federal government can do just about anything it wants”.

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