Night of the Living Government

Andrew Klavan’s analogy is apt. Rampant government is like the zombie apocalypse. The more it spreads the more horrible it is for people. Because the state is always hungry and never stops. It seeks more and more ways to feed off of the taxpayers and it invents new ones all the time. And when it isn’t taxing us its trying to control us. It steals liberties with abandon. Forget Wall Street, statists are more greedy than capitalists. And the difference is, Capitalists produce wealth and goods which get distributed in the economy. Government stifles progress, steals wealth and interferes with people’s personal lives.

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  1. Why Mittens? Because it was his turn. That and the fact that the media would eviscerate any non centrist candidate who looked like he/she had a chance of winning.  

    At least we now know what’s in the health care law – a box car load of fascism.  

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