No Truer Words have Been Spoken

Milton Friedman schools a dumbfounded Phil Donahue, who to this day still thinks statism is the answer to the world’s problems. History has shown time and time again free enterprise and opportunities it creates is the greatest liberator there is. The state is the enemy of freedom, in truth. Though it does have a purpose, when it’s limited from becoming tyrannical.

[ht: Instapundit]
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  1. There’s a great contemporary follow-up here at Zero Hedge.

    Keynesian Meyers, former Fed looter, squirms in every possible direction trying to claim that models are more accurate than reality, that the opposition’s counter-factuals are “political” but his aren’t, that he may be using the WRONG models, but at least he’s “doing economics” rather than, you know, actually comparing the models to the real-world results.

    It’s a little breathtaking, actually, that this is one of the guys who’s been controlling our monetary policy, knowing that there are so many in positions like him that are just as delusional.

    I think it was Nero who said, “Rome may be burning, but at least I’m playing beautiful music.”

    Scary times. No one can convince me that this Republic isn’t being intentionally dismantled from within by people like Meyers, Bernanke, Obama, Jarrett, et al.

    • It certainly seems that way, on the otherhand I think its really old school theft and kickbacks on a grand scale. They dont care what damage is done because they think they’re protected

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