Now What?

I don’t trust either party. Never have, probably never will. The Republicans may have gained control of the house but will they do anything significant to reverse the damage done by the Democrats? Nick Gillespie of Reason TV says probably not.

The only way to judge any politician is by their actions not their words. Now the Republicans will have to prove to Americans they are different in a good way, from the Dems. The Dems will try to demonize everything the Republicans do, because that is the only trick they know. The Republicans will have to somehow make the Dems look bad by the example they set.

What is mitigating this time is the many tea party candidates in the mix. We can hope they will work to reign in government. But the statists and the party animals on both sides will try to stop them. The government pimps will continue business as usual. The GOP is on notice. This is your last chance. The Dems all have targets on their backs. In two years, people will try to purge more of them.

I suspect many old time Dems will retire. 2012 is going to be vicious, I suspect. But we are in a war to save our nation and wars aren’t fun. They’re hell.

Enjoy the victories for now. But come January we’ll see how the fresh blood works out.

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  1. “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

    W. Churchill

  2. These guys need to grasp that they were not elected for the usual reasons: pulling pork and making sound bite promises. This time the voters know exactly what they want. They want lower taxes, massive spending cuts, and the government out of their face.
    I hope they get it. I’m not sure they all do.

    California is boned. Completely, totally, massively, epically, cosmically BONED. With all their problems they voted in almost nothing but tax-and-spend liberals, and they swept the table on Propositions that make it easier to raise taxes, and keep their version of cap-and-tax in place. A San Francisco Proposition requiring government workers to prove they actually DO anything in order to get paid lost. They even failed to legalize marijuana so they could at least sit around in a confused stupor as their state crumbles around them.
    Please, please let there not be a bailout.
    Thank god I bought my house cheap. I might break even on it when I flee. My only problem will be finding a U-Haul to rent.

  3. I agree, except I think California, NY and MA were the states that didn’t wise up like the rest. Many states went red. The state legislatures went red. When California and NY tank, there will only be Dems to blame. Brown, who is an utter fraud and moron, Newsom, etc. I think there will be an angry wave in 2 years that may correct a lot of things. Maybe even a recall election against Brown who, in case I didn’t state it strongly enough is a fucking imbecile. CA will probably default on their bonds. It will get really ugly but it may be what is needed to fix the state and purge the corrupt from power.

    • Whitman lost by about one million votes, Fiorina by about 700k. How much did the Democrats win by last time?

      Is it possible that it may take another election cycle for California to turn completely red?
      Right now we’re kinda purple.

      • Here’s hoping. I think the Dems put a lot of their money and time into the CA and NY races because in monopoly terms those states have been like Park Place, too important to lose. But if the Republicans deliver on their promises and new media people fight the spin war well, the wave will continue. 21 Blue senate seats are up next time. And a bunch of CA state seats flipped. Let’s hope that continues.

  4. With the election of the GOP to control the House, I highly doubt any bailout will be in the works for CA or NY.
    Re: CA. Is it possible we can finally see the state split in two over the idiocy of Brown’s election (Hey, at least this time he can’t frak Linda Ronstadt on Malibu Beach!)!

    • Have you seen Ronstadt lately? She’s a total loon and hasn’t aged well, either!…

      … On second thought, Moonbeam might still take her!

      But yeah, the voters in CA don’t appear to be all that bright or a bunch of votes got bought this election cycle.

      I think things for CA and NY will only get better when Jehovah sends the next flood in!

      IE, don’t count on things getting better soon!

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