Obama: Dog Eating Despot

When he isn’t snacking on Shar-Pei, the current president of the United States likes running up five trillion dollar debts that he knows we can’t afford. It’s the hallmark of a despot to lead his country into decline and keep it there, while living the high life at the expense of its citizens.

When he isn’t snarfing on Schnauzer, Barack Obama signs laws that further reduce American’s liberty because there’s nothing more dictatorial that oppressing the masses in between bites of Beagle.

No good tyrant doesn’t make his economy worse than when he took it over. In that regard Obama is a huge success. When not chomping on Chihuahua, president Obama is shutting down our energy supply to make us more like the third world countries of his youth.

Democrats want Americans to re-elect the president because, according to Obama, there is still much work to be done. Keep that in mind come November and keep an eye on your pooch.

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  1.  Priceless! 

    Even better than when people were running down the names of all of Arnold’s films when he was running for Governator…

    Unfortunately, he terminated Kal-ee-fornnnyeeah even further into the ground.

    At least the dogs that have been eaten by Oh-No-No are the nastier little ones…
    (The only good little dogs under 15 pounds are Bichons and Shih-tzus.  The rest of the toy dogs are blowhard, barking pests!)

    It’s not as if he’d been expected to eat horse eat meat!  (Although didn’t Oh-No-No lift the ban on slaughtering horses for their meat?)

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